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Apr 22

Out & Equal Workplace Summit Includes Bisexuality


Progress … In 2010, the Out & Equal Workplace Summit featured panel presentation on Bisexuality which was well-attended. Subsequently, a Bisexual Advisory Committee was formed to enhance and encourage inclusion of Bi-related workshops and resources.

The Advisory Committee is chaired by Researcher Heidi Bruins Green and includes: Amy Andre, Brent Chamberlain, Luigi Ferrer, Dr. Susan Gore, Marie Hartung, Gary North, Robyn Ochs, Denise Penn, Ellyn Ruthstrom, Dani Siragusa, and Lindasusan Ulrich.

As a result, there were actually eight bi-focused workshops, which were well-attended by Human Resource Professionals, Employee Resource Group leaders and others at the 2011 Summit. An “Experts Panel” on bisexuality was also part of the program. Click here to read full article

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